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Apostle C.T. Stanford, Sr.

Apostle Chappelle T. Stanford, Sr. is the founder and overseer of Growing by Grace International Ministries and its affiliates 

This movement of God is founded on the Excellency of an apostolic anointing.  The Word of God is taught and preached in its entirety while the love of Christ is shown consistently.  His focus is not only to win souls for the Kingdom but to develop a multitude of mature believers in the Body of Christ.

Apostle Chappelle began this move of God in May 2005.  Since that time he has watched the great vision that God has given him unfold.  God has favored this ministry to touch the lives of countless people locally, nationally, and internationally.  It is reaching thousands through local television and the Internet.

Apostle Chappelle is anointed to operate in the office of an apostle to tear down old models, paradigms and thought processes.  The Scriptures identify the mark of a "true apostle" as one that performs signs, wonders, and miracles, 2 Corinthians 12:11-13.  God The Father has released Apostle Chappelle to fill this office and be a vessel that the power of the Kingdom of God can and does work through.  Simultaneously, God has directed Apostle Chappelle to establish and prepare those genuinely committed to the discipleship of Christ; all for the glory of God.  And as a true prophet of God, who speaks the revelation of God with accuracy, power, and authority through the Holy Ghost, the demonstration of instant healing, deliverance, and financial blessings are consistently witnessed through the Ministry of Apostle Chappelle.

Apostle Chappelle has been given an anointing, along with great wisdom, to build up, edify, and equip leadership for the leading of God's people as mandated by the Kingdom.  In response to this mandate, Apostle Chappelle established the Apostolic Commission & Training School of Ministry, a division of A.C.T.S. Ministries, as one tool by which God shall fulfill His plan and be glorified through His people.

In addition to teaching others through A.C.T.S. School of Ministry, Apostle Chappelle is currently enrolled in courses at Team Impact Chrisitian University, endeavouring to expand his breadth of knowledge to further advancement of the kingdom.

Apostle Chappelle has spear headed, as well as worked with local government to create lasting change in the lives of those less fortunate.  He is dedicated to improving the quality of life of the underprivileged. As a result of his dedication, he oversees the A.F.I.N. (A Friend In Need Program) a ministry in his local ministry.

In addition to the many other programs, he has served as well as lead Prison Ministry.  Through this ministry he has seen the hand of The Lord save, set free, and deliver many from spiritual, emotional, and physical bondage.

Apostle Chappelle is married to Prophetess Dawn Stanford and together they have one daughter, Quanice, and two sons, Chappelle Jr. and Colby.

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